The Very Real Deal on Terrorism

Terrorism is just like a bacterial infection and having a terrorist problem is just like having a bacterial infection.

The treatment of terrorism, which we often observe these days, thanks to the frequent acts of terror being carried out all over the world, is also just like the treatment that one sick with a bacterial infection would receive.

As one ill with a bacterial infection would receive both anti biotics from the doctor and a bouquet of flowers from their friends and family, coupled with prayers and well wishes, so does a terrorist-stricken community receive from government and society.

We have those whose job it is to exterminate terrorists and terrorist ideology, while we have those whose sole ability is to offer prayers, flowers, candles and well wishes.

I will go on the absolute record and tell everyone right now, that love and flowers cannot cure a bacterial infection, nor can it cure terrorism. No matter how hard you believe it to be true, I am telling you, that what you believe is false. You are not going to love terrorists away.

When someone is sick, we do not tell the doctor to stop killing the bacteria through the administration of anti biotics. And yet, when a community or a nation is infested with terrorists who are equivalent to bacteria, we would like the cure to be flowers and candles. With only flowers and candles, an infected individual will surely die if the bacterial infection is already widespread (as is the terrorist threat right now). So, we tell the doctor to do his/her best (in the case of the infected individual). But why then, do we tell our governments (and ourselves and each other) that love is the only way to fight terrorism?

Love is absolutely not the way to overcome terrorists and terrorism. And I can tell you that I am very sure that they are very happy that you believe that right now!

There must be a balance. A balance of those who wish to light candles and lay flowers; and those whose job it is to shoot guns and detonate missiles.

There are many beautiful poems that have been written to the effect of loving all the bad away. But those are poems that merely sound good; nevertheless, they are empty vessels. Poems and sayings that are empty, useless, and even hazardous. We will never overcome terrorists and terrorist ideology through love and kindness. Never. This (terrorism) is a very lucrative and efficient system that must be eradicated and annihilated from the face of the Earth. Just as the doctor must eradicate every last molecule of typhoid fever or bacterial meningitis.

Please, work with reality and open your eyes. We are not all warriors and we are not all soldiers; however, we don't need to step in front of the paths of those who are. Let us all determine the role we ought to play and then work together towards the healing of our very infected global society.

These Superheroes!

I have some remarkable individuals whom I would like to introduce all of you to; as you know, over at my esoteric society, Eltanin Thuban Draconis, we have made it our goal to advocate the plight of those who fight battles that are often overlooked. We have made it our ambition to highlight people we believe are worthy of merit. People who are important not because they are influential business persons making a lot of money or celebrities on a global platform; rather, persons who are important because they themselves are made of gold!

The other week, I introduced Huib of On Lyme Foundation. His story of overcoming Lyme disease and his fight to help others do the same, is one that everybody on the planet should know about.

And this week, we have someone very special, a young woman who was brave enough to put her own grandfather behind bars for raping her as a child. But she doesn't stop there. She actively helps others like her, to stand up for themselves against all odds and to do the same!

It is with great pride that I bring these two individuals into the forefront and I hope that you will stand with me and my society in supporting them and sharing their stories as much as you can! Help me to help important people take the center stage. We need to take down the old image of who is important and for what reasons they are important and we need to build a new image for the kinds of people we call heroes and celebrities. To me, Huib and Sara are celebrities and I applaud them to no end!

Come, read their stories!

How Stupid Can People Become?

This week, I discovered two very stupid facts. The first fact, is that the Austrian President, Alexander van der Bellen, said this:

“It is every woman’s right to always dress how she wants, that is my opinion on the matter.”

And then after saying that, he then said this:

“And it is not only Muslim women, all women can wear a headscarf, and if this real and rampant Islamophobia continues, there will come a day where we must ask all women to wear a headscarf – all – out of solidarity to those who do it for religious reasons.”

His logic being, that since all women should be able to wear what they want to wear, then ALL women should be mandated to wear the hijab, regardless of their own personal religions and beliefs, in order to protect the people of one religion and one belief.

How stupid can a person become?

Then, the second very stupid fact I discovered, is that Angela Merkel eschewed the strict dress code for women under Sharia Law, while visiting with the Saudi Arabian king, Salman. She did the same while visiting Riyadh. Her reason? She said that she:

"Hopes to be an inspiration to oppressed women."

Yes, this is the same woman who is responsible for demanding that European citizens assimilate to Islamic ways in order to make the refugees feel more at home.

Her logic here seems to be, that when one arrives in a foreign land, one must not assimilate to the laws of that foreign land; rather, the laws of that foreign land must bend to the foreigner who has arrived in it. As she expected to happen for her during her own visit to the middle east. Really, because, all women of the middle east are in fact protected by diplomatic immunity and won't be run down and flogged and beaten to death for not wearing their dress code, because they are all Chancellors of Germany with their own security SWAT team following them around. Therefore, Merkel's eschewing of their dress code will really inspire them to just throw their hijabs off and stop wearing their burqas, because, one look at her during her visit is enough to make them see just how oppressed they are and I guess being lynched is a better alternative.

This woman's mind is twisted.

Merkel very famously says that, "Islam is not the source of the problem", meanwhile, she goes to the Middle East and says that she wants to "inspire oppressed women" by means of not wearing the hijab and not respecting the strict dress code (there are other dress codes aside from the hijab wearing). She is saying that Muslim women are oppressed. And basically, that she wants to invade the Middle East and inspire Muslim women to become white, to move to the EU and to reject their religions.

Do these two people have a multiple personality disorder? Schizophrenia? What is it? Because I would rather not think that people are capable of becoming this stupid!

Both of these individuals are wrong. It is wrong to require all women to dress by the religious dress code of one religion! It is also wrong to visit a nation wherein they follow a dress code and then disrespect that code which is their own law! The President of Austria should not be causing his people to feel insecure and afraid, by saying that one day all women will be mandated to dress by the code of one religion; and the German Chancellor should not be going to countries dictated by the Sharia Law, refusing to respect their laws of their own land and even calling them "oppressed"!

What is the right way here? What is the right path here? There certainly is a right way, a right path. What is that? That is to see and to abide by the simple logic that when you go to a foreign land, you respect the laws and the customs of that land. And if you plan to stay in that land, then you must assimilate to make their laws your own laws and their ways your own ways. 

Granted, we have freedom of religion and freedom of individuality and morality (most nations do, not all nations do). However, the freedom of religion means that ALL people have the freedom to follow a religion or to NOT follow a religion! That is the way that it goes! And when your religion interferes with the laws of the nation, then you must be put under check by the laws of that nation. This is very simple.

Merkel SHOULD HAVE WORN a hijab in a hijab-wearing country and Bellen SHOULD NOT be telling the Austrian people that they must all wear a hijab one day. Simple. Why do people have to twist things up in their minds and make everything so difficult for everyone?

What are these two individuals trying to do? Are they trying to facilitate the invasion of nations? Are they trying to switch things up? "Let's make Europe Islamic and then let's make Saudi Arabia into the new Europe"? Are they playing a little game out in the yard here? Are they mentally dysfunct?

Enough of this stupidity. I am done here.
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