Come, Let Us Gather Together And Think!

I have been thinking...

What if there is no actual difference between a dead person and an unborn person? I have many dreams at night, over the period of many years (decades), in which I am breastfeeding babies. The dreams consist of me breastfeeding a baby, for the entirety of the dream. All kinds of babies: black, yellow, white, brown... and sometimes, nearing the end of the dream, the babies become attached to me and want to stay with me. I, too, nearly forget that the baby is not my own; nevertheless, as the dream nears its end, I am able to recall that I have only one son and that the baby on my breast belongs to someone else. At the end of such dreams, I give the infant to other people.

These dreams are all similar in nature, but with different babies. After many years, I have come to wonder about what is really happening in these dreams of mine. Am I comforting the souls of dead infants? Am I nourishing the souls of the unborn? Since I hand the babies over to others at the end of each dream, it would seem that I am nourishing the unborn before they are conceived in the womb (or perhaps, right before they are born into the world). Regardless, this has caused me to wonder if perchance the unborn soul and the dead soul are one in the same.

What if we are born many times and die many times? There is no such thing as a dead soul, anyway; there is only such a thing as a dead body. But what I am saying, is, what if the unborn soul is the same as what we would refer to as "a ghost". There is a great possibility that there is no such difference between souls. Dead and unborn are the same. The unborn have died before and those who have died before become again "the unborn". What if? What if they are one in the same?

Another thing I have been thinking about, is, materialism. When people in this world think of the word "materialism", they think of the desire for material things and this, to them, is an undesirable trait. They believe that the path leading to humility is the path that runs through the absence of material possessions (or the desire of it). I, though, believe that "materialism" in its undesirable form and connotation, is the equating of the human being to a material thing. When we begin to see people as objects (chess pieces, toys, options)— this, to me, is materialism. When we take what is immaterial and equate it to what is material. When we perform a degeneration of what is sacred and pull it down to the level of what is easily deteriorated.

Our bodies are material. There are those who would say that the food of the soul is more important than the food of the body. I wholeheartedly disagree. I have taught this repeatedly: that a body without a soul is a dead body and a soul without a body is a soul that cannot fulfill its destiny. The one needs the other to the same extent. Our souls need our bodies to be healthy and our bodies need our souls to live. And so why do we condemn our bodies to belonging "merely" to the realm of the material? Are we not thankful for this material life what we have been given? Why should we not desire, and be thankful for, material objects that can bring us comfort and satisfaction? There is no sin in this. Nay, it is a grave sin to teach that this is a sin!

I have become soulfood itself, for a multitude of people. And yet, I can confidently tell you that I am carnal as well as spiritual. I am 100% carnal and 100% spiritual. My soul cares deeply for my body and my body cares deeply for my soul. But I will never take what is sacred and turn it into what is corroded. A person is not a toy, a chess piece, or an option. A person is a person.

Alchemy is the practice of turning base material (such as lead or rock) into precious material (gold). Alchemy is the Soul performing at its fullest. The opposite of this is to take a precious material and to turn it into a base material: taking what is precious, like the human soul, and equating it to the value of an object. The opposite of Alchemy is the Soul performing at its lowest.

I have been thinking about yet another topic! The relationship between sex and innocence. There are goddesses of both sex and innocence (such as Egyptian Goddess, Hathor) and one would be inclined to ask how sex and innocence are related. But the relation between sex and innocence is tight like a strong chain! This question should not even be asked, anymore. The root of innocence in this world, is sex! Who are the innocents? The infants, the babies, the children. How do we bring the innocents into this world? We have sex. Without sex, there is no innocence brought into this world. And yet, we have come to treat sex as a degenerate's activity, as a lascivious desire that is predominantly sinful in nature. Nay, sex is sacred. Sex is sacred and the root of innocence.

As usual, there is always the devourer prowling in this world: the one who seeks to tarnish any shining thing. The rust of the nations, the RUST of the people. It is this rust that tarnishes sex, that tarnishes innocence and that would tarnish all good things, if it could.

But it is perfectly understandable why and how a goddess of sex may be the goddess of innocence and also the goddess of wisdom. Wisdom does not come from knowledge, I tell you! Wisdom comes from innocence! And so, all these three are three links in a very strong chain. A chain that would be tarnished by the devourer, by the rust of this world, every chance that it could do so!

And lastly, I have been thinking lately about envy amongst women. This is something I have been thinking about for decade upon decade. It is something to ponder upon, really. Why is it that women seem to harbour envy in their hearts far more than men do? I would go so far as to say that, generally, a woman is only genuinely kind to other women whom she deems to be less attractive and less successful than she is. Then she will say, "My beautiful, successful friend" but in reality she believes in her heart that she is more beautiful than the other. Then she will say she does not care about beauty. Well, if she does not care about beauty, then she should have no problem with being kind to women who are very beautiful; that is how the logic would normally go if it were in fact true.

A woman can devote herself to a man, for the sole reason that winning over the affections of that man would prove her more beautiful and more capable than his wife or his partner. And it never even has to be about the man, in the least! It was in fact solely based upon the desire to remove joy and comfort from the other woman and to dominate the other woman. That is truly how deeply rooted female envy is!

I have had countless encounters that have acquainted me with the envy of women. Honestly, I am naturally not envious of other women. I am in fact naturally an admirer of other women. I have had, though, a tremendous number of encounters with girls and women, in which they would shun me, try to remove me from existence, try to take away my happiness and comfort, etc. I know within my heart that there are plenty of women who would like to see me dead, for no other reason than they feel threatened by my existence. Even if we do not know each other. Even if I have never harmed them. Even if we have not even spoken to one another before!

Why is envy predominant amongst women and not amongst men? Is the beauty and the joy of a woman such an incredibly desirable thing upon this planet, that the placement of this would cause such an unfounded amount of animosity in the hearts of females everywhere? This is a question I have been asking myself for a long time now and it is a question that I think there may be no answer to. It is what it is, I guess, when it comes to this particular scenario.

I hope you have enjoyed my thoughts for today and I encourage you to share these thoughts with others! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! And if you have any further mystical, spiritual insight into my dreams of breastfeeding many babies over the years, I would appreciate it if you could reach out to me and tell me what you know on the topic. Have a wonderful day, wonderfuls!

My Message To The One-Winged Birds


       I have long been of the persuasion that there is a form of mental and emotional imbalance inflicted upon mankind, guided by the hand of collective opinion and popular thought patterns, which are distributed by spiritual leaders and thought influencers. And I am not the only one who is strongly of this persuasion. There are many very old manuscripts that have warned against this, to the exact effect that I am stating it now and have been stating it through my writings and in my books for years now. The collective minds of people are completely out of balance.
       The problem arises when people try to convince other people that they are "enlightened" and that they have found "the path". Immediately, proselytizing takes place and masses conform. I am convinced (still convinced, as I have already been throughout the years), that this has been used as a tool for mass brainwashing.
       When I was growing up as a child, I took pride in knowing self-defense combat techniques. I also took pride in carrying self-defense weapons. All my cousins were the same. My classmates too. It was cool to know combat and self-defense. It was cool to be equipped at all times. It was cool to know how to protect yourself. It was just cool. Nobody ever said, "But we need to respond to hatred with love." That phrase just did not apply to all areas, especially not in the area of knowing how to defend yourself. Back then, people had common sense and applied common sense as needed. Yes, there are times when responding to hate with love is the answer. It is certainly not the answer when it comes to knowing how to fight and knowing how to defend yourself.
       Today, I look around me, and kids don't know combat, they don't carry self-defense weapons. And parents don't teach them. I used to carry pepper spray and an iron glove device. I never had to use them (thank God), but I knew if I ever had to use them, I would know how to. I look around at kids today, with parents raising them in sub-reality, parents telling them that they need to repay evil with kindness. Parents who would rather lose their children in coordinated, calculated acts of terror, than teach their children how to mentally profile a suspicious individual and how to fight back in case of an attack.
       When we were children, we were well-rounded children. We were happy and we knew our table manners and our etiquette and we believed in fairy tales (I still believe in fairy tales); but at the same time, we were prepared for the reality of this world. But how come today as we live in a time where terror attacks are becoming the norm, it seems like the more and more children (and adults) are being taught that we need to do things like lighting candles and laying flowers? This is not called having a well-rounded mind! This is not being well-rounded! This is being incredibly, inconceivably stupid! 
       I truly believe that the cause of this is false teachings. Just as the ancient books written by The Rosicrucians predicted. The Rosicrucians, Knights Templars and The Illuminati all warned against false teachings that seek to divide the human being into only one part, and then to place importance only upon that one part. For example, the teachings that will tell you that the only thing that matters is your soul and not your body: that is imbalance. In reality, the soul and the body are of equal importance while you are here on this planet. Without the body, the soul does not walk the Earth and without the soul, the body is dead. Both are equally in need of the other! The goal is to master body AND soul, equally! 
       Today, I can see with my own eyes, how people everywhere are bombarded with teachings like the Law of Attraction, which state that the only way to make the world a better place and to make your life a better one to live, is by ignoring the existence of everything negative in the world and surrounding yourself in an unreal cocoon of "everything is always right". In reality, of course, this is not true. But what does this type of teaching do to the minds of humans, everywhere? This type of teaching turns everyone into PREY while the predators devour them! When you do not see the crocodile, because you are trained not to see the crocodile even when it is there in front of you, what happens is that you will be devoured by the crocodile. 
       The teachings of today are creating a weak generation. For example, the teaching of "all is love and all are one". The teaching of forgiveness, that we must always forgive everyone their wrongdoings. As a result, we have societies that are incapable, utterly incapable of overcoming terrorism! And the catastrophic part about this, is that, these societies are fully convinced that if they love terrorists hard enough, the terrorists will change their ways! 
       People want mercy only, so they discard justice. People want happiness only, so they discard the reality of the work that still needs to be done. People want compassion so they discard respect. People want love so they discard wisdom. People want freedom so they discard protection. People want righteousness so they discard guilt. A bird has two wings, the two wings bring balance and correction, but people today are so self-entitled, they believe that if they cut off one wing and take only the other wing, the bird will still be able to fly! This is wrong. This defies science and this defies reality. A bird must have two wings in order to fly. A bird must have balance.
       The children of today are taught love, but they are not taught wisdom; they are taught compassion but they are not taught respect; they are taught righteousness but they have lost the ability to feel guilty for their own actions. Civilisation of today is raising children with only one wing, they have cut the other wing off!
       When modern-day terrorism as we now know it, truly began to reveal its horrendous head not so long ago, the minds of children and adults everywhere were already ripe for the plunder. The minds of people were already saturated in a New Age culture of "one love" and "the universe loves me because I am made of stardust". In fact, right now innocent people go to concerts, children go to concerts, and don't come out alive. You may say that doesn't happen often, but I say that if it happened to your son or daughter, one time would be one time too often! And still, regardless of the reality that we all live in now, the majority of people deal with it via escapism. Escapism is a psychological condition whereby people retreat to alternative realities in their minds, in order to avoid dealing with the probabilities of actual realities that their physical bodies are presented with. Millions of people today are afflicted with this psychological condition. Millions. 
       I have been warning about this for years. I have written about this many times. I have even documented this in my books, explaining and expounding in some of the books which I have written. If all people retreat into their minds, then who is going to tend to the actual world around us?
       Now, let me end by saying this: I am an actual Arch Magus. You probably don't even know what that means. I live and breathe MAGIC. If there's anyone who "should" be out-of-touch with reality, that should be ME! Why is this not the case though? Well, that is because MAGIC is the study of the laws of the natural world! Unnatural to those who do not understand, but only natural to those who understand it. The science of today was the magic of yesterday. Whatever they are too stupid to understand yet, they call "magic". We just call it "reality". So, I am a wielder of magic who is more in touch with reality than millions of people around me. I am concerned for the condition of mankind. 
       Stay away from people who call themselves "enlightened", for no enlightened person would label him or herself as such. Stay away from people who will tell you that the universe cares about you, because a person of knowledge will know that the universe is composed of dark energy, dark matter, and 4% matter, which are all things that are incapable of caring for you! Stay away from people who say that there is no wrong and there is no right that exists, for there IS wrong and there IS right that exists! There is evil and there is good. There are the right choices and there are the wrong ones. And lastly, stay away from people who would tell you to love at all times and have compassion at all times, for this is a religious and spiritual propaganda designed to enslave the minds of man. Of course, there are times when you should love and times when you should not love. There are times when you should forgive and times when you should not forgive. There is a time for the Sun to rise and a time for the Sun to set. There is a time for laughter and a time for tears. A time to reap and a time to sow. All has its own time. Wisdom is to indwell the perfect time as it unfolds in reality. And this is my message for you all, all you birds with only one wing!
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