To Cherish and To Hold

Today, my mind has been building upon the meaning of cherishing one's physical body as a treasure. What does this mean and what would life be like if we were all able to do this?

I believe that if we were all to look at our bodies and see our bodies as handcrafted works of art given to our souls as gifts during this journey we call Life, this would greatly change our outlooks that we have for ourselves and for others. We can see our bodies as what they really are: handcrafted, painstakingly designed, couture clothing for our souls. And they are magical, too! When it gets torn, it heals itself. When it gets dirty, it can wash itself. When it is ill, it can be revived.

If we were to look into the mirror at our bodies and see a custom-made gift designed with our specific needs in mind, I think this would lead us along the Path of the Meaning of Life. Feelings of rejection, unwantedness and boredom are really all rooted in a misunderstanding of our bodies. Also, the feelings of envy, covetousness and pride; these are also rooted in a misunderstanding of our bodies.

And imagine if we were to extend this vision beyond our own bodies and onto the bodies of others: their bodies are gifts given to them to cherish, their bodies are tailored for them with their specific needs and life's mission in mind. This shows us where our boundaries are and how useless our opinions are about another person's body or another person's life. Their body was designed for THEM, for THEIR journey, for THEIR destiny. And we all should respect this about one another. When have we ever judged the gift given to another? We don't judge gifts, because they are especially given to someone, for them and them alone.

Envy is a form of forgetfulness. You have your own destiny, your own journey. Before you were born into this world, you knew exactly what you wanted to look like, exactly where you wanted to be born (and how you wanted to be born), and exactly who you wanted to become, as well as which destiny you needed to fulfill. Then you were born and during this process of birth and infancy and childhood, you forgot what you already knew. You forgot that YOU chose to have the things that you have (that you were born with) and to not have the things that you don't have (which you were born without). You began to envy or despise other people's stations in life and your own station in life. And each time you envied or despised another, you became more and more forgetful of those precious things that you once knew before you were born into this world.

Hate is also a form of forgetfulness, a form of the misunderstanding of the nature and the roots of one's own body and where that body stands, in this world and in this life. Each person was handcrafted for the benefit of their own souls, for their own souls to love and to cherish. How can you still hurt another, while carrying this belief in mind? Do not harm the gift that belongs to another; it is for their own soul to say where they should go, what they should do, how they should look, and how they ought to fulfill their own destinies. It is not for you to say. It is for them to say. Do not hurt the body of another; they were given bodies that heal, that grow, that adapt. They are souls who were given gifts that have destinies to fulfill. Do not hinder that, do not hurt that.

A few days ago, I shared this short piece of writing along with an image of mine on instagram and it's from this stream of thought that I have continued to expand upon the thoughts I have shared here with you, today:

"Many years ago, I began to disagree with the religious preoccupation with physical death and separation of soul and body. I began to disagree with the notion that almost everything associated with the physical body is also closely related with sin. With the notion that we are innocent souls given damned bodies to live out our days on Earth just so we can die and go to Heaven (or some other Paradise). I questioned the nature of a God who would deliberately put innocence within damnation only to test the purity of the innocence.

I began to question why I must see the body that I live in as a "crucified" mass of flesh and bone, which I would one day be freed of and on that day I would be sinless. I do believe in right and wrong. But I do not believe that wrong is characterised by the flesh while right is characterised by the soul.

From our childhood years, we are taught that there is an absolute separation from black and white, from darkness and light: that evil is black and good is white. Black represents material body and white represents soul.

I became disenchanted with this system of thinking many years ago. I believe that the physical body is a gift given to the soul; one that the mind, soul and heart must treasure and cherish.
I have found this belief of mine encapsulated within an ancient symbol of black within white and white within black: ☯ And when I became disenchanted with death, I became enchanted with life and all of its wonderful and powerful possibilities."

I hope that you will be able to change and to develop the way that you think about your physical body, the way that you see it. And not only yours, but others', as well. Have a wonderful day!

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