Why Are You Alive?

       Isn't it incredible, how us as human beings, chase after purpose? We crave for a sense of mission. But this is not only the root of human craving; it is also the root of human pride. When does a human feel the most proud? When he feels like he has accomplished his mission. When she feels like she has a purpose. Whatever "purpose" and "mission" means to that particular individual.
       Humans have forgotten to live. Humans are driven primarily by: 1. Conformity to an established social structure and the race towards their place of hierarchy in that structure; 2. The anticipation of moral accuracy (more of that in an upcoming post); 3. The race towards completion of whatever it is that is deemed to be one's mission or purpose in her/his life. And for the religious, the place of entry upon death seems to be their driving point in this life. To live this life in order to determine where one goes after death-- this seems to be the source of "purpose" for the religious individual.
       Why are we not living to breathe each day? Why are we not keeping on, because the colours of the Earth are beautiful to look at? Why are we not waking up in the morning because there are some people we want to show love to? Why are we not looking into our mirrors, feeling proud of ourselves, because we successfully arrived at today? Why do we live as if life is lived for one big moment of triumph? Some believe this "one big moment of triumph" happens in this life thanks to the attainment of purpose or the completion of mission; while others believe this "one big moment of triumph" happens when they die and find themselves in Heaven one day. Either way, why are you living your life for one big moment of triumph? Why are you not living it to breathe and to cherish?
       People say: "This is how to win" and "That is how you lose." But what if we're not here to win? What if we are here to live? One day, I will look back upon my life and I will say, "That's not the life I planned, but I lived it." I may not have lived the life I planned, but I will have lived the life that I have.

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