This Is Why You Should Believe In Immortality

To be alive in this world is a very strange, very odd thing. A life consists mainly of memories and of possibilities. A very small percentage (maybe around 1 percent) of life consists of interacting and reacting with the physical present moment. So, life, in actuality, is mostly concept, perception and memory. Somehow and for some reason, we go to sleep and wake up the next day and the day left behind is a memory while tomorrow is a possibility. And we have this one day to actually physically live. It is incredible: we are, in reality, living mostly intangibly in an untouchable form of experiencing life, while only a very small part can be touched, smelled, heard and tasted. It's like we don't really live here, at all! It's like we just come along every 24 hours to dip our feet in the river!

Now, if life were tangible (let's say, 99% tangible and 1% intangible), then we would be walking around, talking and moving about within something like a rubric cube of physical life sticking all over us, around us, surrounding us, like sticky tape! We would have yesterday's newspaper delivered again today, and tomorrow's newspaper delivered to us today, we would have the thunderstorm from ten years ago still roaring in our sky this morning and we would jump into a puddle from 20 years into the future, today! We would be walking around in a cube-like structure of sticky physicality.

So what does life consist of? We exist in memory and in possibility, and we have 1 day, every day, to build upon this physical world so that we can wake up to the products of that physical world, the next day.

This is why I believe that death is an illusion, with its ingredients brought upon us by the ingrained imagination that we in fact need to die. We don't even really exist very much, in the first place. We shouldn't have to die.

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