So You Think Fear is The Enemy Here

     As someone who is responsible for producing some of the most quoted aphorisms on FEAR, I also feel it is my responsibility to correct current misconceptions about it (about fear).
     I could list them all down here, but, chances are if you are reading this then you can also do a quick google search. A quick google search of "C. JoyBell C. + fear" will render you with quite the array of words!
     I believe that humankind is currently at the extreme opposite end of the pendulum, where you have turned fear into the enemy, something to be shunned at all costs. This is ignorant and unwise.
     I suffered for many years from a myriad of irrational phobias. From clowns, to trees! From wide open spaces, to the dark! I was a phobia-ridden person who overcame each and every phobia with the power of words. And those are exactly the aphorisms, the pieces, that you get to read from me today.
     However, I swing to no extremes. I am always at the middle of the pendulum. I feel it is my duty to warn you about the extreme stance you have now taken.

     Fear, when irrational, ought to be overcome, conquered. But fear in itself is not always a metaphorical, spiritual issue. It is not always a spiritual or an allegorical issue. Fear, primarily, is the chemical named GLUTAMATE which is released into your body from your brain when a threat is perceived. Without GLUTAMATE produced in our brains, human beings would of died off during prehistoric times and none of us would be here right now. Fear is what tells you that you probably shouldn't jump on the sabertooth and you probably shouldn't stand in the middle of the freeway. Fear has kept the human race on this planet since prehistoric times. It's technically called glutamate. Remember that.
     Today, we have everyone believing that glutamate is the enemy and that every sign of glutamate rising should be immediately squashed with a vengeange. My people, this is unwise. Glutamate is responsible for preparing you for events, for providing you with the capacity to gauge a situation. Without it, none of us would exist right now.
     For example, I know a lot of firsthand information from doctors and virologists regarding the COVID19 plague. Because I follow virologists and epidemiologists since this is a virus and viruses are their areas of expertise. Duh. Now, I am also a science writer so I have took it upon me to familiarize myself with science jargon, as I do work with teams of scientists and astronomers. Having information is not the same thing as being afraid. I have information, I share that information, and I am not afraid of that information. Why? Because the glutamate produced by my brain while absorbing that information is put to good use by my body into preparing for a pandemic. Glutamate MOTIVATES me. It does not paralyze me. And it should be doing the same for you too. Except you think it's a spiritual phenomenon rather than an anatomical, biological one.
     The key is to get fear to motivate you and spring you into the right directions and level headed decision making. This is where the management of the glutamate chemical comes into play. Manage it. Turn it into your tool. Not all fears are a question of irrational, spiritual origins. Many times, fears are necessary biological responses designed to keep you alive. The spiritualization of absolutely everything is always harmful.
     Now, if you see the information on COVID19 and this paralyzes you, that is not the fault of the information. That is you not knowing how to manage glutamate in your body. Big facts. Your fear of fear is paralyzing you. That is what's happening. It's not that you are not afraid, in fact, you are so afraid that you cannot even consider the possibility of negative facts being true, being something you'll have to deal with as an adult. You can't look the demon in its face for what it is. Now, you can bury your head in the sand and blame scientists and governments for having a covert agenda to frighten you (because, I don't know, the world is apparently run by a horror film cast and crew, or whatever logic you may be having), or, you can put on your big person underpants and start acting like a responsible grown up person. Prepare.

     This message is coming from someone who learned how to, over a period of many years, manage both rational and irrational fear. Please realise that we are not living in a storybook, fear is not always the unseen monster under your bed, fear is many times your guardian Angel. Your built-in, biological guardian Angel. Prepare yourselves, you have nothing to lose.

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