So, You Think You're Ready For Death But Are You Ready For The Things Worse Than Death?

     Nick Cordero is a Canadian Broadway Theatre performer and Tony Award Nominee actor. Only 41 years old, healthy, with his own little family.
     Just last month, Nick contracted Covid-19 and has since experienced two strokes, a blood clot in his leg which has led to its being amputated, he is in coma and has been in and out of intense medical intervention for his lungs, which, according to his spouse, "are now as damaged as the lungs of someone who's been smoking for fifty years." From April to May of the same year, Covid-19 has managed to inflict fifty years' worth of damage upon a healthy thespian's lungs. 
     I think that there is this prevailing attitude right now, one that has people feeling like, "I'm ready to die, if it's my time then it's my time!" And unfortunately this is a root cause of a current major preeminent societal problem. It is unrealistic and egotistical. The reality is that there are things that can happen to you which are far worse than death. Think about losing your leg. Think about having to be attached to a ventilator for the rest of your life. Think about becoming paralyzed due to stroke and being bound to a wheelchair. So, you think you're ready for death; but are you ready for the things this disease can cause which are worse than death?
     Nick's story is so painful to hear about, it hurts to even look at his young, healthy photos. But everyone should know his story, because he was a healthy, young family man who now has lost a leg and has a set of lungs ravaged as if he's been smoking longer than his actual current lifespan. There are things worse than death. So, before you take up and wear an egotistical attitude towards this panhelldemic we are all going through, ask yourself if you're ready to stay alive but live severely impaired, crippled, or even with severe loss of cognitive function. Because if the answer is no, then you need to do a daily reality check from hereon after. 
Nick with wife Amanda Kloots and son.

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