Nobody Needs You To Hate Yourself

     To be very clear, nothing I have said or enacted upon over recent days has come from a place of resentment. Let no human being say, "She's just saying that because she's a self-loathing white person who doesn't like her whiteness", or, "Her white daddy hurt her", or, "She's not accepted by white people." 🙄🤚 Just no. ✋ Making this crystal clear here: first of all, I am Eurasian. ☝️ A Eurasian leaning more towards my "Eur" side, because that's what I look more like. Never have I once felt ostracized by white people. Never. I have felt ostracized by Asian people every day! But never have I once felt that way from a white person. I am perfectly fine looking more "Eur" than Asian and I don't resent that at all. In fact, I bleached my hair blonde! 🤷🏼‍♀️ That says a lot! Secondly, my father adores me and I have no resentment towards him at all. Furthermore, I have never had problems staying in France, Belgium, England, Italy, Norway. Even French people don't ostracize me (in a world where everyone feels ostracized by the French, this is news!!) 
     My stance during these past few days has not come from a place of shame, guilt, resentment, or hate. Zero. Everything I've said has come from kinship to Justice, Progress, Future. It is exceedingly crucial, as we take our first steps onto this brand new, razor sharp, thin path that we have now forged, that we do not build our new future upon the brick and mortar of shame, guilt, resentment, hate. Shame, guilt, hate are often tools that Justice finds useful to enact a purpose. But then the tools must be put away. Perhaps guilt and shame made you finally stand up for black people. But now that you're here, it's time to realise that nobody carries the sins of their forefathers, nor does the colour of white skin mean that a person is an oppressor. Resentment shouldn't pave this new path. White shame and white guilt shouldn't either. Nobody is responsible for another person's sins. To stand at the side of Justice does NOT require guilt, shame, hate. Stand for Justice because YOU ARE JUST. That's it. Black people aren't asking white people to hate themselves! BLACK PEOPLE JUST WANT A FUTURE. 

 🎨 @manka_kasha

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