900 Coca Cola Cans

When I meet a person, I don't see them as this one individual standing before me at this one point in time; rather, I see the person as a 3- year- old and a 30- year- old and in the future maybe a 100- year- old. I don't forget that he is an accumulation of elementary school memories in the cafeteria; favourite hiding places for hide-and-go-seek;  first heartbreaks and first loves; letters written by candlight; dreams; and about 900 coca cola cans.

I don't believe that time is linear. We are inhabiting one day at a time, or one moment at a time, simply because our consciousness is not developed enough to fully inhabit multiples. We're actually inside of it all, all at once, all the time. We're just too underdeveloped to exist in anything other than a present moment. 

When I meet a person, I feel a collection of all the events that ever took place in their lives from toddlerhood to the present moment. All the places, all the words, all the kisses and laughs, the chocolate milks on cold mornings. A person is the gathering point of all the energy, timekeeping and minutes, that ever were and ever will be, in their lives. 

And that's what you're talking to. You're speaking to favourite hiding places and recollections of best friends; and traumas, fears and vulnerabilities and monsters under a bunk bed. When you meet a person, you touch a world. 

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