Bats and Roses

Creatures who lurk in the darkness are misunderstood. All are the creations of God. To choose which is better over the other, is to question the purpose of God's creations.

I loved you in the dark, I loved you not for the eyes of others, but only because, even though our space never saw the light of day, we planted flowers there, we planted trees there; they all grew!

You have seen me as lesser for belonging to the darkness while you stood in the limelight.

I was the bat, you were the bluebird.

One day you will see, that only the hands of grace can tend to roses in dark places where no eyes can witness.

One day you will see, that the heart which grows gardens with no sunlight, is the heart of grace.

I loved you in the cellars while you crowned another in the throne room.

One day, you will know grace, and on her you will see my face. 

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