On Living A Deeply Feminine Life

It has always been expensive to feel feminine. Ever since we were little it has always cost money to feel feminine. The richer your parents were, the more feminine you were afforded to feel. They could buy you the miniskirts, the pretty shoes, all the dolls, the purses. And if you were poor all you had were sneakers and Ninja Turtle action figures. Even today, it's money you need for getting your hair done, your nails done, or for buying those outfits, shoes and lipgloss.

We need a reformation of what it means to be feminine! Our understanding and experience of the feminine must not rely on money. Feminine energy must come from your core, your soul, regardless of your circumstances. We need the eyes to look at women as feminine; notwithstanding the hair, the makeup, the shoes, clothing and jewellery. What is feminine? It is inner resolve, it is self-possession, it is intelligence, wisdom, compassion, calmness, softness and courage.

Femininity is a collection of the pieces that help you on your journey as a woman and that collection looks different for everyone. There's nothing wrong with any of the tools you add to your collection; your collection is unique and distinct, as you are. There are feminine substances that do not ever rely on money, that every woman has access to, wherever she may find herself in life.

All women should know, that femininity is not found at the mall, in the department store, in catalogues or in the lack of problems and bills to pay. Femininity is found in how you have crafted your own story with the hands of love, to see yourself with eyes of love as who you have become, despite the odds and despite life. If you were to lose it all, you would still feel feminine, because your femininity would be the story carried inside you that only you can tell. 

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